Sustainable Industry

A small revolution in cleaning

E-commerce company innovates by offering non-polluting products in recyclable and returnable capsules

The climate crisis requires tangible changes on the part of the industrial sector. For instance, there is no more room for a linear economy. Against this backdrop, the circular economy emerges as a solution through new business models and manufacturing processes.

Founding partners Marcelo Ebert and José Luiz Majolo drew inspiration from the circular economy to found YVY, a producer of ultra-concentrated, chemical-free cleaning products sold in returnable and recyclable capsules.

No synthetic ingredients, no pollutants, no single-use plastic packaging. The brand’s production process takes into consideration the biological cycles of nature and its products are packaged in resistant reusable sprayers provided by the brand itself. Overall, the products are even cheaper than synthetic competitors.

Actions such as those implemented by YVY are in line with the strategy of the National Confederation of Industry (CNI) towards a low-carbon economy in Brazil based on the pillars of energy transition, carbon market, circular economy, and forest conservation.

Innovation – The empty capsules are returned to the YVY plant through a reverse logistics process and are continuously reprocessed into new capsules. Products are purchased through an on-line subscription, and they come in standardized kits or are tailored to the customer. Finally, the products are delivered to the customer’s home for their total convenience.

“YVY proposes a new, more streamlined approach to house cleaning, with maximum efficiency and minimum environmental impact – a response to new times where the previous model is outdated,” says Marcelo Ebert as he explains that the brand drew inspiration from an indigenous tradition: “Guarani wisdom speaks of a land without evil, where there is communion between man and nature,” he says. It is not by chance that the word yvy means “land” in Tupi-Guarani.

“Our products are fully natural, with plant ingredients from renewable sources, such as orange, palm, palm kernel, eucalyptus, soy, wheat, and essential oils for fragrances,” says Marcelo. “In addition, we do not use water – as is the case with traditional products, which are water-intensive – and so we emit less CO2”, he explains.

YVY – The company was founded in 2018 by entrepreneurs Ebert and Majolo, who had previously worked in the financial industry. In 2007, Majolo left the financial industry to start TerpenOil, a company that sells cleaning products with active natural ingredients to industrial companies, shopping malls, hospitals, schools, etc. Four years later, Marcelo Ebert joined the endeavor, with a focus on end consumers.

“We started from scratch: we had the plan to found and grow the company without external funds – and we reached 1,000 subscribers two years later, in January 2020,” says Ebert. The products were so successful that the company soon reached the mark of 7,000 monthly or bimonthly subscriptions.

The company’s catalog includes disinfectants, products for washing dishes and clothes, floor cleaning, heavy cleaning and multipurpose, all with the quality stamp of the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards (ABNT), an internationally recognized product certificate on the manufacture of sustainable products that minimize the impact on the environment and health.

“Four giant global companies have taught the world that petrochemicals with fragrance are synonymous with cleaning,” says Ebert. “It took many years for YVY to be ready, as we didn’t accept anything that was different from not having synthetic and petrochemical ingredients while being highly efficient and powerful cleaning”, says Ebert. “Then, we considered the production chain: it would make no sense to create a product that would make the planet even more crowded with more plastics”.

YVY currently has 15 employees, who use TerpenOil’s facilities for production and packaging of products, which are marketed throughout Brazil.