Sustainable Industry

Tire powder to produce anti-puncture sealant

This is the only company in the world to use tire powder to make a sealant that prevents tire punctures and wear

Brazil produces 40 million tires per year on average and generates at least 450 thousand tons of tire waste. When tires are not adequately disposed of, they become a problem for the environment. A tire can take around 600 years to decompose in nature. This can not only cause damage to the environment but also help to spread diseases, as they become breeding grounds for the Aedes aegypti mosquito, which transmits dengue, zika and chikungunya.

Block Selantes was established in 2018 in order to reduce these damages. The company recycles waste tires to produce a sealant that prevents tire punctures and wear. It is the only company in the world to use tires as a raw material for the sealant.

“We were wondering:  which material would be capable of sealing punctures and work with the tire rubber? The first answer was: the tire itself,” explained company founder Diego Jardim.

“If we shred a tire and include it in the sealant composition, we achieve this compatibility while removing a tire from the environment that would go to waste and would take 600 years to decompose,” he said.

Block Selante’s initiatives in this regard are in line with the strategy of the National Confederation of Industry (CNI) towards a low-carbon economy in Brazil that is based on four pillars: energy transition, carbon market, circular economy, and forest conservation.

Gel – Block Selantes uses around 10 tons of tire powder per month to produce a gel that is used to seal punctures in tires of different classes – with each class receiving a different type of sealant. The technology was first used in motorcycle tires in 2018. In late 2020, Block Selantes expanded its sustainable product offering to bicycles, cars, trucks, and agricultural equipment.

This initiative has proven successful not only in Brazil – where the product is a leader in the motorcycle market and is available from all major motorcycle parts stores – but also internationally. In collaboration with Apex Brasil, Block Selantes also exports to South America and will soon be exporting to Europe.

“Preventative sealants are not something, new, and they are widely used in Europe. These are efficient products, but they are very aggressive to the environment. In addition to being flammable, they can cause accidents. Since we do not use any aggressive chemical components, only raw materials available from supermarket shelves, our product is unique in the market,” says Diego.

“Our goal is to achieve worldwide recognition as the manufacturer of a sustainable sealant, showing that a unique formulation is available in Brazil that can help preserve the environment,” says the company’s founder.

This sealant is just the first initiative by Block Selantes toward sustainability. The company also offers a carnauba-based product for dry cleaning motorcycles, bicycles and cars, without the need to use water or dilute it during use.

Block Selante also plans to collect rainwater for the production process and to source unshredded tires. Block Selantes currently buys shredded tires from other companies. According to Diego, the tire sourcing project should be implemented this year, which will help expand business in this sector, in addition to generating jobs for our country.